Freelance Revolution

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My book will be available here soon.

Finally, your step-by-step guide to more time, flexibility and complete independence – Doing the work you love…

The only difference for me is that when I set up my freelance business 8 years ago, I made plenty of mistakes along the way. I didn’t have the benefit of a step-by-step roadmap outlining how to get from A to B (and C, and D and E). So I wrote one for everyone else who wants to work for themselves.


“The ultimate guide that will show you how to free up your time, gain more flexibility and build a fulfilling career working from home – written by someone who already does” –

“I’ve been working for myself from home as a freelance writer for more than 10 years and thought I knew it all. Sarah’s book didn’t just teach me a thing or two, it has dramatically improved the way I work. I can’t recommend it enough.” Rebecca Sparrow – Writer

“As a freelance photographer, I cannot recommend this book highly enough; it is difficult to be out there on your own and any help that you can get through other people’s experiences is invaluable. I found the book easy to read and relevant, and I highly recommend it to any freelancer or small business owner who wants to be successful in their career.” Matt Robertson

“Freelance Revolution has the great mix of inspiration and practical advice needed to kickstart a freelancing career. It doesn’t pretend this is an easy step to take, but arms you with everything you need to make it work.” Johanna Baker-Dowdell Freelance Public Relations Consultant and Journalist


More Time For Family

Create a successful freelance business that not only generates a great income, but also allows you to spend quality time with your family and friends.

Step-By-Step Guidance

Don’t make the same mistakes I made: instead, learn from my costly mistakes and avoid making the same mis-steps along the way.

Total flexibility

I’ll show you how to create a genuinely flexible career that suits your family and your lifestyle.

Balance Family and Career

Learn easy-to-implement strategies that will help you create a lifestyle that balances the demands of raising a family with maintaining a fulfilling career.

Inspiring Case Studies

From photographers and event planners to bookkeepers and writers, hear from successful freelancers who have been there and done that.

Complete Independence

Ditch the boss, the commute and the endless parade of pointless meetings for a successful and fulfilling career that you create on your own terms.